Sway Hodges

Sway Hodges, Freedom Fitness Club Pilates Instructor

Second Generation Pilates Instructor

Wellness and Pilates Influencer Sway has always desired mindful motion and holistic living, and for most of her life that desire has been fed with Ballet, modern Dance, Tap, Pilates, and Meditation.

In 1999 after many years of performing and choreography she began her Pilates training under the tutelage of master teacher Ramona Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates protegee. She also had the great privilege of studying and learning from Ramona’s daughter Sari Santo, her granddaughter Daria Pace, Janita Lopez and Bob Liekens. Upon completion of an over 700 + hour certification program, Sway opened the first classical Pilates studio in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. In 2018, Sway expanded and learned Contemporary Pilates which adheres to anatomical research and has a heavy influence from physical therapy and biomechanics. In over 20 years of teaching Pilates, Sway has acquired something like X-ray vision for intuiting imbalances in the body.

Sway has worked with the full spectrum of clientele, from professional athletes, such as golfer Loren Roberts, entrepreneur Cookie Mogul, Mrs. Fields, busy moms, to those rehabilitating from serious injury or joint replacement.

It is all about mind, body, and soul integration, focusing on breath, core connection, and fluid motion that Pilates offers each client. Sway’s greatest goal and joy is creating a completely unique and custom approach for each client depending on their specific needs. Making a difference, guiding and educating clients towards a sense of strength, length balance and awareness within their body, mind and soul fuels Sway’s passion for the functional Pilates Movement.

Sway knows the value of being a lifetime learner and has continuing education in:

  • Contemporary Pilates Instructor Training
  • TRX Suspension Certification
  • Barre Above Certification
  • Oov for Core Stability
  • Myofascial Release with the foam roller and ball
  • Efficacy of Pre-Pilates Work Pure Pilates
  • Postural Analysis

Sway is also a Usui Reiki Master, an Intuitive Spiritual Coach, a Hope Hospice Volunteer and enjoys planting herbs and fruit trees in her garden.

Delano "Ricochet" Felipe

Ted Benke, Freedom Fitness Club Kickboxing Instructor

Delano has always been passionate about fitness and sports. While still in elementary school, he competed in the Junior Olympics for jump rope. In high school, he lettered in football and competitive weightlifting.

Since 2010, Delano “Ricochet” Felipe has been active in mixed martial arts and has competed in the cage many times. Nowadays, he enjoys helping clients of all ages and fitness levels achieve their goals in an exciting and safe environment.

Delano is a Personal Trainer at our Cape Haze Freedom 1 Location.